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Today’s story is very scary… just to warn you. #Halloween

The Albany Theatre has not always been a theatre, it was originally the city’s Technical College. Built in 1935 it is now over 83 years old. Plenty of time to gain some in-house ghosts!

One evening, a few of years ago, our Technical Coordinator was in the theatre locking up for the night. He was on his own, but it was okay, he did this all the time.

He had been sweeping confetti off the stage (glamorous) from the previous show and had just finished up. Grabbing his things, he started closing up. He checked the Green Room then continued on through to the dressing rooms locking each door as he went and turning off all the lights. Once he got to the dock door he decided not to leave via that door, so walked onto the stage to make his way through to the auditorium doors. At this point, everything was very dark with the exception of a dim glow from the emergency lights.

He looked out over the stalls and up to the balcony. To his surprise he saw a man sitting in the middle row looking down at him. The man was rather old, dressed in dark colours and wearing a flat cap. Recovering from his initial shock, the tech guy shouted up “Hello, sorry, I’m locking up, everyone else has gone.” The old man tipped his hat but didn’t say anything, so our tech guy went up to the balcony to talk to him assuming he must have bad hearing.

He reached the top of the stairs, unlocked the balcony doors and peered in…

There was no one there.

This elderly gentleman has been seen numerous times sitting in the balcony.  Each time has always tipped his hat.

Let’s just say our tech coordinator has never been on his own since!



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