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5 October 2017

Help decide our future

The future development of the Albany Theatre and the "East Wing" complex

Public consultation - second round

The Albany Theatre Trust (ATT) has signed a lease securing the future of The Albany Theatre for the next 50 years. The lease covers the Albany Theatre building, the “East Wing” and the Courtyard Area between the two.

ATT now plans to redevelop these facilities, but how they are developed depends on how they will be used. That depends on what people want and need. This project is not about the buildings, it is about people. It is about you.

ATT will only get one development opportunity: this is the second round of consultation aimed at exploring those wants and needs further so that ATT can be as sure as possible that what it is investing in will be well-used. We have listened to what you have said; are we hearing you right? What else is there to say? with Coventry's success in beciming City of Culture 2021 what future lies in store for The Albany?

Please download the first round Consultation Report and let us know what you think.(you can choose either the full version or the summary report, with or without the Appendices)  This final round of consultation will run through to 5 pm on Friday February16th 2018.

ATT welcomes and encourages contributions and comments from anyone with an interest in the future of The Albany. If ever you felt moved to support The Albany, now is the time to step forward. Please send your thoughts to [email protected]

ATT Consultation Report Final Appendices v 1.2

ATT Consultation Report Final Summary v 1.3

ATT Consultation Report Final v 1.3

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