Albany Theatre

Box Office
024 7699 8964

The Team

The Albany Theatre is run by a team of Coordinators, reporting to a team of Executive Directors. Strategy is set by the Board of Directors. We also have many opportunities for young people through apprenticeships. To find out more about how to get involved, please see our Join Us page. To copy an email address, simply right click on Email and click 'Copy Email Address'.

Booking enquiries: David Meredith, 07548 319 317, [email protected]

Our Staff

Edward Dyer
Admin Coordinator
07342 882 664 | Email
Denise Winford
Marketing Coordinator
Alexandra Johnson
Volunteer Coordinator
07342 882 592 | Email
Adrian Heron
Technical Manager
07342 882 661 | Email
Fred Richings
Outreach Coordinator
07342 882 591 | Email
Catherine Groom
Fundraising Coordinator
07342 882 650 | Email
Vera Ding
Arts for Life Coordinator
07522 521 640 | Email
Jodie Dickson
Marketing Assistant
Adam Warren
Technical Assistant
Katherine Hodgson
Technical Assistant
Catherine Idle
Technical Apprentice
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