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The Wind in the Willows: Creative Team

Toad - Dean Leon Finlan
Mole - Paul Nolan
Ratty - Craig Rogers
Badger, Washerwoman and Driver - Alex Lacey
Chief Weasel, Horse, Judge, Jailer’s Daughter, Bargee - Adaya Henry

Director - Claudette Bryanston
Assistant Director - Tonia Daley Campbell
Co-Producer - Robert Wilkinson RED Talent
Administration Coordinator - Edward Dyer
Lighting Design - Dan Tilley
DSM - Lauren Coker
Composer and Sound Design - Derek Nisbet
Musical Director - Mike Roberts
Designer - Trudy Rees Marklew
Wardrobe Supervisor - Anna Lewis
Acting ASMs - Jan Boyle, Amerjit Kaur-Dhaliwal, Tom Westwood, Niyi Bello
Trailer Filming and Editing - Tara Rutledge

Thanks to all The Albany Theatre volunteers who have helped make this show possible.



Joining the professional actors on stage this year is our talented ensemble of young performers from around Coventry. This is a huge commitment and we thank all their friends and families for their generous support.

Group 1
Kobe Rafferty, Ellisse Daley, Lottie Manning, Alexandra Mulvaney, Erin Casey, Insa Umarajavigiramsingam, Moses Campbell, Leonie Amaral, Isabel Hough, Taylia-May Campbell, Chloe Waterworth, Daisy Ross, Isabelle Ross, Lily-Mae Wylde, Lucy Beesley
Group 2
Dwayne Brown, Ava Phillips, Tommy Gallagher, Ava Barnett, Daisy Barnett, Eloise Lobban, Lexie May Hancock, Isabel Hart, Sydney Hooper, Ellena Carr, Hollie-Rebecca Wood, Tijan Bobb, Gbemi Phillips, Kisanet Yacob
Group 3
Jada Halligan-Liburd, Samuel Harris, Elliot Stuart, Jaymie Flitcroft, Cameron Waterfall, Morgan Blundell-Smith, Evie Blundell -Smith, Daisy Blundell-Smith, Zachary Carless, Kyle Barton, Maisy McGowan
Group 4
Jasmine Cooke, Matthew Boyle, Emily Boyle, Erin Mannion, Isabella Pinfield, Olivia Ubanwa, Favour Ubanwa, Laura Boyle, Abbey Saunders, Libby Keegan, Sophie Barnes, Evie Berger, Freya Doran, Precious Ogbolu, Felicia Finlan
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